Ricky Davis

​Clinical Director & Specialist Musculoskeletal Chiropractor

Ricky graduated with distinction from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth. Ricky’s main interests lie within sports performance care and functional rehabilitation. He uses myofascial release techniques, manual therapy, medical acupuncture and kinesiology taping. Ricky believes that the right knowledge of movement, nutrition and lifestyle is vital to keeping a healthy, injury free body.

A keen sportsman, Ricky is currently dedicated to training for and competing in ironman triathlons, but also has an extensive record playing high level rugby, basketball and golf, giving him a great insight into the world of sports and sports injuries. He consults for Pure Sports Medicine as a specialist Musculoskeletal Chiropractor and has a special interest in lower limb biomechanics.

He is a certified cyclefit bike fitter and golf fitness instructor for the Titleist Performance Institute (CGFITPI) allowing him to offer specific functional assessments and treatment to every level of cyclist and golfer who wish to get more enjoyment out of the sports they love. He helps people understand how the body can limit their position on a bike, restrict a golf swing and cause pain, weakness and dysfunction. He understands the importance of achieving optimal performance and loves giving patients that opportunity.

He is a member of the General Chiropractic Council, British Chiropractic Association, Royal College of Chiropractors and a member of the British Chiropractic Sports Council.

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