Iain Barrowman

​Iain is a qualified Sports Therapist and will qualify as a Chartered Physiotherapist in early 2023 and is a Master Trainer for OMT Training is all manual therapy disciplines.

He has a professional & ethics-based approach to physical therapy, injury prevention and rehabilitation, with a hands-on approach.

Iain is a conscientious and highly driven professional who is focused on progressing to the forefront of the medical and fitness industries.

Having operated within both the medical and health & fitness industries for over 10 years, Iain began his career in the British Army. During that time he successfully achieved the accolades required to practice as both a Combat Medical Technician (CMT) and Physical Training Instructor (PTI) in both permissive and non-permissive environments; gaining valuable front-line experience in pressuring conditions.

Iain runs his clinic alongside lecturing on a variety of manual therapy techniques such as Advanced Medical Acupuncture; Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation; and Advanced Spinal & Peripheral Manipulation.

Within his very busy clinic, a kinaesthetic approach to therapy is utilised, coupled with exercise rehabilitation to get you back to your normal daily life as quickly as possible.

Iain works with a variety of people from all walks of life through strength & conditioning coaching, which is a true passion of his. In this role he can utilise his experiences from both the civil and military roles he has fulfilled, allowing him to help individuals optimise their mindset and performance.

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