OMT Training Terms and Conditions

Who can attend an OMT Training Course?

Our training courses are open to therapists who have a recognised manual therapy qualification, such as the following:

- Osteopaths/Student Osteopaths
- Physiotherapists/Students Physiotherapists
- Sports & Remedial Massage Therapists
- Sports Therapists/Student Sports Therapists
- Chiropractors/Student Chiropractors
- Doctors, Nurses, Medical Professional

Why should I choose OMT?

OMT Training was set up by a group of passionate and enthusiastic practitioners, who were tired of attending below average and over priced CPD events.

- OMT Training is cost effective, excellent value for money and gives you high quality training.
- We work on a 'hands-on' ethos; every course we run is 70% practical training unless stated otherwise.
- Small groups ensure that you receive that 'one-on-one' training environment.
- Techniques will never be demonstrated on the students.
- Excellent student feedback on all our courses.
- We are here to take your skills to the next level in treatment.

Can I attend all of the training courses?

Yes, the courses are open to all therapists with a recognised qualification in manual therapy, although you may be required to attend a basic course first before being allowed to access an advanced teaching weekend.

For example, if you have no experience in medical acupuncture/dry needling or spinal manipulation, then you would have to attend the basic course first and gain the relevant certification and experience before being able to access the advanced medical acupuncture and spinal manipulation weekends.

Can I gain insurance to use these new skills?

Yes. We have spent a lot of time to make sure that anyone who attends one of our training weekends will be able to gain full private indemnity cover to use these new skills and techniques. We currently have a block scheme with BGi Insurance, one of the UK's leading insurance companies, who are able to offer you cover at a very competitive rate.

I am a Sports Massage Therapist / Sports Therapist and my insurance company won't cover me for medical acupuncture or manipulation?

Due to the large number of insurance companies in the UK, we at OMT Training are unable to work with every single one of them. We have a block scheme with BGi Insurance that can fully cover you for all of your current skills, or you may need to take out a separate policy for medical acupuncture or spinal manipulation, but you will be able to be insured.

Do I need a license to practice?

When attending any course run by OMT Training, it is the responsibility of all practitioners regardless of their profession or title to ensure they check and comply with all regulations / legislation / insurance which is appropriate for their specific profession or qualifications. It is your responsibility to clarify all regulation requirements to practice within their jurisdiction/borough/state/country etc.

Do I need additional insurance if I am a Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or Osteopath?

No. All our training courses can be directly added onto your current insurance policies for no additional costs.

I have booked onto a course but now I can't attend.

Due to the small teaching groups, we have a strict policy on the number of students that can attend a weekend as we want the training experience to be very hands-on and to have a one-to-one environment feel. This means that student places and fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you are unable to attend the course you have booked and you would like to participate on another course date, then you will need to book online again as a new participant.

Due to extreme circumstances, we may move you to another course but this is dealt with on a case-by-case basis. In any case, this would be an arrangement agreed between you the participant, and OMT Training. Such a move to another course would incur a £49 'change of course' fee. This fee is compulsory and non-negotiable.

Course cancellations.

On rare Occasions, events are cancelled or postponed, for a variety of reasons. Venues are also subject to change. As soon as we are notified of any amendments we will contact all customers by email, depending on your method of booking. If the course has been cancelled, you will be entitled to a full refund for the deposit.

Please be aware that OMT Training bears no responsibility for any costs incurred for travel, hotels/bed and breakfasts. We also bear no responsibility for loss of earnings.

When are the self study packs sent out to students?

The two (2) day self study packs are sent out approximately 6 weeks prior to the training weekend.

I have lost my certificate. Can I have a new one?

Yes. We can re-issue certificates for a small administration charge of £25. This payment must be made via bank transfer. Replacement certificates will not, unfortunately, be issued until payment has been received.

I am renewing my insurance and have been asked about my OMT Membership?

Every student who takes part on an OMT Training event is given free membership to OMT Training and this will enable you to gain discounted insurance for the courses we provide.

Your course lecturers.

OMT Training reserves the right to change lecturer(s) for any course without prior notification.

Courses held with external providers.

OMT Training holds no responsibility for external courses in regards to payments, receipts materials and/or special offers.

Courses taken with external providers may not include published books with the courses.

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