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Spinal Manipulation Level 1 – September 09 – 10, 2021
Marylebone, London


Spinal Manipulation Level 1 – September 09-10 , 2021

Location: Osteopathic Association Clinic, Marylebone – view map

Maximum Students : 24

Start Time : 8:30am Registration for 9:30am – 4:30pm Course

Course Price: £375



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Course Details

A 2 Day Workshop in manipulative techniques for:

  • CTJ, TSP, GH, Ribs, TSP, Lsp Thrust Techniques
  • Cervical Spine Manipulation (C1-C7 / Grade V Techniques are not covered)

Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate a consolidation of existing knowledge and performance in pre-thrust spinal positioning for HVT thrust techniques
  • Demonstrate a consolidation of existing knowledge and performance in the use of HVT thrust techniques for the spine, thorax, pelvis manipulation techniques
  • Describe and demonstrate minimal leverage, long and short lever techniques

OMT Spinal Manipulation is tailored to meet the needs of participants in addressing frequently encountered problems with the safe and effective delivery of specific HVT thrust techniques, it looks to build your existing knowledge within HVT spinal manipulation and developing and refining your current skill base.

All techniques will be taught with an emphasis on final minor adjustments using minimal force and short and long lever techniques. This bespoke training course has been delivered and taught to therapists worldwide, with the OMT team, training prestigious organisations such as the medical teams at Liverpool FC and Manchester City FC.


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Course Overview

This course is a 2-Day (one weekend) introduction to OMT Spinal Manipulation, full details of this course can be found in the main course overview.