Jean McConville

PG Dips; BSc (Hons); DPSN; RM; RN Midwife and Manual Therapist
Jeans' background is as a qualified nurse and midwife, with 40 years experience in the NHS. She qualified as a midwife in 1984 and has been working as a midwife ever since.

She became interested in bodywork/massage therapy and Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) several years ago and now combines her midwifery and therapist skills for tailoring treatments for pregnant and postnatal women.

Jeans' special interest is in pelvic girdle and symphysis pubis pain. She has applied to undertaking a PhD comparing treatments and outcomes, using both manual therapy and osteopathic techniques, for pregnant/postnatal women with pelvic girdle pain.

As a qualified midwife, her passion for massage therapy, holistic and complementary care has driven her to become specialised in the following treatments:

  • Ante/postnatal massage and AIS which restores posture and balance and helps relieve pelvic girdle and other skeletal problems
  • Baby massage which promotes life-long bonding, helps in the relief of colic and teaches Mums nurturing touch
  • Postnatal abdominal muscle rehabilitation classes - her 'abs, balls and babies' class works on core abdominal muscles restoring muscle tone helping to regain your pre-pregnancy figure and is extremely popular.